Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twitter (TWTR) Reports 3Q'14 Results (and TWTR tanks)

Stocks::Stuffer posting on 5 February 02014: Twitter (TWTR) Reports 4Q'13 Results (Tanks in After Hours Trading).

Fast forward to yesterday (02014.10.28)...

Twitter (TWTR) lost almost 10% of its market value yesterday (02014.10.28) after reporting 3Q'14 results. In a nutshell: Twitter met expectations, but said next quarter is going to be a tough one. TWTR closed yesterday at $43.78 leaving our investment only slightly above water. 52-week range: $29.51 - $74.73.

Sold Some Cray (CRAY) at 10 $Pi ($31.42)

Cray (CRAY) was up almost 9% yesterday (02014.10.28) closing at $32.26. I sold some CRAY at 10 $Pi ($31.42). The sale took place prior to Cray reporting 3Q'14 results after the market closed yesterday. Cray's 3Q'14 results looked good to me, but the company's press release seemed somewhat blah.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sold Some Yahoo! (YHOO) at 14 $Pi ($43.98)

Yahoo! (YHOO) hit a new 52-week high of $44.82 yesterday (02014.10.27) before closing at $44.70. The jump caused us to sell some YHOO at 14 $Pi ($43.98). I'll sell some more YHOO at 15 $Pi ($47.12).

Monday, October 27, 2014

GDT::Portfolio Update After a 50 Day Hiatus

It's been almost fifty days since our last posting. I was going to kill off this blog, but I can't.

GDT::Portfolio update... Illumina (ILMN; genomics) is #1 followed by Google (GOOG/GOOGL; informatics), Cray (CRAY; supercomputing), Facebook (FB; informatics), and iRobot (IRBT; robotics).

Nanosphere (NSPH; molecular diagnostics) tanked and this has been bad news for the GDT::Portfolio. Right now NSPH is at #21 (it should be at #10 or higher).

Geeknet (GKNT; e-commerce) is at #10. Our GKNT investment is currently underwater.

Twitter (TWTR; informatics) is at #11. Twitter Inc. reports 3Q'14 results today (02014.10.27) when the markets close.