Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yahoo! (YHOO) Gets a Raised Price Target

Yahoo! (YHOO) news on 02014.08.28: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch raised its price target for Yahoo! (YHOO_) to $40 from $39 Thursday, reiterating its "buy" rating. Wow! Target price increased by a whole buck.

YHOO closed yesterday (02014.08.27) at $38.18. 52-week range: $26.82 - $41.72.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bruker (BRKR) Gets a 'Downgrade'

Bruker (BRKR) got downgraded from 'Sell' to 'Strong Sell' by Zacks Investment Research yesterday (02014.08.26). I have no plans on selling any of our BRKR shares even though the company did lower current year guidance when they released 2Q'14 results earlier this month. BRKR closed yesterday (02014.08.26) at $20.25. 52-week range: $17.75 - $24.93.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cray (CRAY) Gets a 'Buy' Recommendation

Cray (CRAY) got a 'Buy' recommendation by a research firm this morning (02014.08.26). CRAY closed yesterday (02014.08.25) at $27.81. 52-week range: $21.30 - $42.09.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Red Hat (RHT) Hits a New 52-Week High

Red Hat (RHT) hit a new 52-week high of $62.69 yesterday (02014.08.19). RHT moving about $60 has me thinking about eventually realizing the accidental quadruple (i.e. $67.48). I'll probably jinx this, but I placed a good-till-cancel order to sell some RHT at $67.48.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Google (GOOG) Went Public 10 Years Ago

Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) went public one decade ago today on 19 August 02004. GOOG's IPO price was $85. Since going public GOOG did execute a 2:1 stock split making the IPO price $42.50. GOOG and GOOGL closed yesterday (02014.08.18) at $582.16 and $592.70, respectively.

Geeknet (GKNT) Approaching a New 52-Week Low

Geeknet (GKNT) looks like it's going to make a new 52-week low today (02014.08.19). Six days ago the company issued a press release titled ThinkGeek Celebrates 15 Years of Being Awesome. GKNT shares have been the opposite of awesome. I noticed that two weeks ago Director Kenneth Langone bought 2161 shares in the $12.09 - $12.25 price range.

GKNT closed yesterday (02014.08.18) at $11.51. 52-week range: $11.36 - $20.00.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bought Some More Nanosphere (NSPH)

Nanosphere (NSPH) reported 2Q'14 results after the market closed yesterday (02014.08.06). Today, NSPH crashed and become a penny stock. This news did not set well with Wall Street.
"However, our instrument sales fell well short of expectations due to timing of hospital capital budgets and a continued lengthy customer implementation process; therefore, we are lowering guidance to reflect this pace of instrument sales and its associated impact on consumable and total revenue."

NSPH closed yesterday at $1.42. Today it opened at $0.93 and I bought some NSPH at $0.97.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trimble Navigation (TRMB) Reports 2Q'14 Results (Solid Quarter)

Trimble Navigation (TRMB) reported 2Q'14 results after they market closed yesterday (02014.08.05) and the company had a solid quarter.
"The results for the second quarter reflect record revenue and margin performance," said Steven W. Berglund, Trimble's president and chief executive officer. "Almost all of the revenue growth was organic, which reflects generally improved market conditions outside of agriculture. Although we currently anticipate agriculture to remain a challenging market through the rest of the year, we expect our other markets will more than offset that effect. The construction industry, in particular, is accelerating adoption of our technology as the benefits become better understood."

Two additional items from Trimble's 2Q'14 press release.

1. Operating cash flow in the quarter was $131.2 million. Year-to-date operating cash flow was $214.6 million, an increase of 25 percent over the prior year.

2. Subsequent to the end of the second quarter, Trimble repurchased shares pursuant to a Rule 10b-5(1) plan under its open $100 million authorization. As of close of trading August 4, the company has repurchased approximately 1.37 million shares for a total amount of $43.2 million.

TRMB closed yesterday (02014.08.05) at $31.23. 52-week range: $24.90 - $40.17.

Hanger (HGR) Reschedules 2Q'14 Earnings Release

Hanger (HGR) was supposed to have reported 2Q'14 results after the market closed yesterday (02014.08.05), but they delayed the reporting for two days. Today (02014.08.06), HGR dropped to $29.80 after closing yesterday at $31.75.
"The Company is postponing its earnings release to allow additional time for the completion and review of accounting for its cost of materials estimate, which is an area of focus for remediation of a material weakness previously reported." -- Hanger press release

HGR right now (6:56am MST) is at $30.40. Previous close $31.75. 52-week range: $28.47 - $40.71.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Geeknet (GKNT) Reports 2Q'14 Results (Crash To New 52-Week Low)

Geeknet (GKNT) reported 2Q'14 results prior to the market opening today (02014.08.01). GKNT promptly crashed to a new 52-week low of $11.75. Previous close: $12.55.

Also today (02014.08.01), Geeknet announced it had acquired Treehouse Brand Stores.

Miscellaneous tidbit mined from the press release...

"To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary, but more importantly to improve the customer experience, ThinkGeek has launched a major brand refresh campaign including the redesign of our web site," said Katy McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer.