Friday, January 1, 2016

GDT::Portfolio at the End of 02015

Happy 2^10+2^9+2^8+2^7+2^6+2^5.

GDT::Portfolio was up slightly for 02015. Numerous winners offset by too many losers.

GDT::Portfolio top ten at the end of 2015.

(1) Alphabet (21st century informatics/future) [GOOG/GOOGL] (2) Illumina (genomics) [ILMN] (3) Cray (supercomputing/storage) [CRAY] (4) Facebook (21st century informatics) [FB] (5) Red Hat (Open Source software) [RHT] (6) iRobot (robotics) [IRBT] (7) Bruker (scientific equipment) [BRKR] (8) (21st century informatics/e-commerce) [AMZN] (9) American Airlines (transportation) [AAL] (10) Comcast ( telecommunications/mass media [CMCSA]

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